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Streamline Connector is a Shopify App that acts as a data bridge, syncing real-time product data, order statuses, and store policies directly to Voiceflow

From patchwork to a reliable powerhouse

Streamline Connector, seamlessly bridges Shopify's robust eCommerce platform with Voiceflow's cutting-edge AI Agent capabilities. This powerful integration is designed to revolutionize the shopping experience.

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Install the Streamline app on Shopify

Once installed, our system will begin transforming your live store data—including products, orders, and pages—into flat-based text files optimized for AI use. You can schedule these updates as frequently as you need.


Connect Streamline to your Voiceflow account

Connecting your Voiceflow AI agent to Streamline is incredibly straightforward. Simply provide us with your Voiceflow API Key, and we’ll handle the seamless integration of all your Shopify data with Voiceflow.

You're ready to go!

Now fully knowledgeable about your store's data, you can start building your Voiceflow AI Agent/s to produce educated product recommendation experts and offer lightning-fast AI customer services.


Real-Time Data Synchronization

Zero Coding Required

Enhanced Chatbot Capabilities

Dedicated Support Team

Why Streamline Connector?

Auto Data Synchronization: Keep Voiceflow updated with the latest products information, orders status, and more.

Zero Coding Required: A user-friendly interface designed for everyone. Be up and running in hours, not weeks.

Enhanced AI Agent Capabilities: Create expert AI brand experts from beauty advisors to wine sommeliers that are always available.

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What people are saying

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Faster project setups!

This tool has revolutionized the way our clients can interact with Shopify, enabling faster project setups and streamlined operations. Streamline Connector not only speeds up development but also simplifies the integration, allowing teams to focus more on creativity and less on technical complexities. We're excited about its future and the ongoing developments that will continue to aid brands in seamlessly connecting Voiceflow with Shopify.

Daniel D'Souza
Head of Growth, Voiceflow


I can confidently say this tool is phenomenal. Without it, building our own connector could have taken months. Now, we have product data flowing hourly, which keeps our AI agents up-to-date and ensures that our customers receive accurate information—from shipping policies to in-stock wine recommendations. Streamline Connector has enhanced the accuracy and reliability of the information we provide to our customers.

Andrew Chartier
CX Manager, BetterRhodes

Boosting our efficiency and client satisfaction

As an agency founder, I appreciate tools like Streamline Connector that enhance our service delivery. Previously, using multiple platforms such as Airtable and Google Sheets often led to reliability issues. Streamline Connector overcomes these challenges with a unified platform that ensures quick, reliable setups and smooth data integration between Shopify and Voiceflow, boosting our efficiency and client satisfaction.

Brendan Jowett
Founder, Inflate Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our FAQ to discover how Streamline Connector can transform your business,
making AI integration effortless and efficient.

What is Streamline Connector?

Streamline Connector is designed to bridge your Shopify store data with Voiceflow AI Agents, enabling real-time data synchronization without any coding requirement. This integration keeps your AI chatbot updated with your store's latest data, including products, customer orders, order statuses, and store details, enhancing the dynamic and informed nature of your business interactions.

How does Streamline Connector solve integration challenges?

Streamline Connector addresses the integration challenge by converting Shopify's structured data into flat based text fiels (JSON) that Voiceflow can easily utilize. This ensures chatbots can access and use the latest stored information without manual data manipulation, saving time and reducing potential errors.

Is there a Voiceflow x Streamline Connector template or guide available to get started on?

Yes, we have developed a template and guide to help you get started quickly. This guide includes everything you need to begin building a tailored AI agent for your brand or client, featuring order checking, product recommendations, and other essential prompts.

How does Streamline Connector enhance chatbot capabilities?

Streamline Connector ensures comprehensive data coverage, allowing your chatbot to be equipped with updated information on products, orders, store timings, and more. It can integrate with your chosen review provider's API for review sentiment analysis and provide real-time order status updates to customers, keeping your customer interactions relevant and informed.

How does Streamline Connector ensure the security & privacy of my customers' data?

We are is dedicated to the security and privacy of your and your customers' data. We collect only essential information such as customer names, email addresses, and order numbers. Data is kept up to a period of 60 days, after which it is securely purged from our systems. We continuously update our privacy practices to meet the evolving challenges in data protection, maintaining a steadfast commitment to safeguarding your customer's information.

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