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July 22, 2024
  • Manual Knowledge Base Refresh: The Refresh button enables users to manually update their knowledge base instantly, eliminating the need to wait for the next scheduled data refresh.
July 11, 2024
  • Orders Endpoint: Fixed a bug that was preventing users from retrieving orders when the product image within the order was not found.
July 2, 2024
  • Orders Endpoint: Implemented a change in the orders endpoint that allows users to retrieve the correct variant image and fulfillment status, in addition to the shipping status from the fulfillment API.

    Free Trials:
    Fixed an issue that was preventing users from getting an extended free trial when using a referral code and was still giving them a 15% discount.‍‍

    Enhanced Orders Endpoint: We've enhanced the orders endpoint by including product images. This improvement ensures that users can now see product images directly within their order details.

    Product Recommendations: Addressed an issue where the product recommendations function was erroring out. The bug has been identified and resolved.
June 7, 2024
  • Billing Automations: Corrected an issue where automations were using the old billing settings, causing the app to delete weekly and daily automations for customers on the basic plan. Daily syncs are now supported on this plan.

    Function Link Download
    : Replaced the non-downloadable production link of the function with a Google Drive URL temporarily.

    Assistant Deletion: Resolved an issue where deleting an assistant would remove all automations in both the app and Voiceflow. Automations now remain in Voiceflow to prevent disrupting agents.

    Voiceflow File Deletion: Fixed a bug where automations continued to run with a non-existent file in Voiceflow, causing the app to recreate the file repeatedly. Now, if the file is not found in Voiceflow, the automation is deleted.

    Non-Functional Button: Removed a refresh content button on the file list that was not functioning.

    Automation Deletion: Addressed a problem where deleting an automation from the app only removed the file in Voiceflow, causing it to be recreated on the next run. Now, deletions are properly handled in both the database and Voiceflow.

    Unified Product Creation: Combined the create product static file and create product automation into a single page, now called "Send products." The app determines the type of file to create based on the selected interval.

    Product Selection: Added product selection functionality to the "Send products" page for all file types. Modified the database to include a field for selected products in each automation, which replaces them at the specified interval.

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