Product Recommendations, Order Retrieval & Zendesk

The latest and greatest template is a complete revamp of our old template.

Discover the ultimate solution for enhancing your brand's customer engagement with our 'Product Recommendations, Order Retrieval & Zendesk' prebuilt Voiceflow template and function. This template is a versatile and expert-driven assistant tailored to guide your customers through product recommendations and reduce support tickets via a knowledge base and/or AI.

Key Features:

  • Products Expertise: The Order Retrieval & Product Recommendations template excels at providing expert product recommendations (SC Basic plan or higher required).
  • Order Management: Efficiently handle orders with features for easy order tracking, ensuring a smooth customer experience (All plans).
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Offers an in-depth knowledge base that provides quick answers to common questions, making it an indispensable resource for your team (All plans).
  • Zendesk Integration: Leverage AI to handle ticketing, automatically collecting all the necessary information to raise a ticket in your system.

Enhanced Support and Integration:

Our revamped template now includes enhanced troubleshooting capabilities for faster resolution of customer queries and real-time customer support features integrated seamlessly into the template, enhancing user experience and satisfaction. The template currently connects to Zendesk out of the box, and if you require integration with other ticketing systems such as Freshdesk, Gorgias or Help Scout, we can connect you with an approved Voiceflow developer.

Flexible and Easy to Set Up:

  • Customizable for Your Brand: This prebuilt template and function are adaptable, allowing you to tweak the template to perfectly represent an expert in your brand or industry.
  • Quick Implementation: With intuitive setup, this template can be ready to roll in as little as 30 minutes, or up to two hours, depending on your expertise.

Get Started:

The template is completely free to use. All you need is a Streamline subscription. Click below for a detailed guide on setup, and start enhancing your customer experience today! Your feedback is invaluable to us—share your suggestions and let us know how we can improve.

‍IMPORTANT: You must enable JSON on your Voiceflow account!

  • We removed a hardcoded value inside the orders function in our template.
  • We've enhanced the orders endpoint by including product images. This improvement ensures that users can now see product images directly within their order details.
  • Implemented a function to call the knowledge base, extract relevant chunks, and generate carousel payloads.
  • Streamlined the project workflow by eliminating unnecessary steps.
  • Enhanced the design with step coloring and improved overall tidiness.

Template & Function
Version 2.1 (6/11/24)
Basic or higher

Streamline Connector
Shopify to Voiceflow integration

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